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The Optimized Routine is the push you needed to change your life.

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Visual panel with everything you've done and what you have to do.

Control your day-to-day activities in the palm of your hand.

Visual control of habits and goals.

Live habit tracking dashboard.

What will you achieve by having access to the Optimized Routine Template?

Okay, but tell me everything about the template

Within the template you will be able to: manage all your daily, weekly and monthly activities and see in the most visual way possible (more than any calendar) everything you need to do

Interactive Dashboard to organize the main areas of your life with just a few clicks.

You’ll be able to add, control, and evaluate the history of all your habits with one app in the palm of your hand.

Still controlling your habits, access a complete real-time habit tracking panel!

You will also be able to define a list of acquisitions and assess whether it is a desire or a need. After that, if you buy, just check that you will keep the history of everything you buy!

See your tasks fully categorized!

Define your goals, their type (professional or personal) and add dates in which you will see your long-term and short-term goals.

In addition, of course, being able to control your entire life and view all your tasks however you want!

Bill payment control so you never again pay any type of fine due to disorganization.

And more...

Control and store Books read and Series and Movies watched.

Let's be honest, there's no point in wanting to achieve your goals if you don't plan to get there.

Make the decision that could change your life: start defining, following and achieving your goals and those of your entire family with the help of the power of planning.

“I’ll do this later…”

How many times has this thought crossed your mind?

And how many times have you forgotten or just not done what you wanted to do? I bet a lot of times.

And that’s exactly what’s stopping you from achieving your goals.

No matter what you want, procrastinating will always be the biggest barrier to achieving your goals.

If you want to do physical activities regularly, if you want to pass a test, improve your relationship with your family, improve your appearance, simply be a more punctual person or any other goal you have in mind,you will need a common pillar: discipline.

And it is precisely because it is so difficult to have discipline that we created the Optimized Routine, a planner unlike anything you have ever seen and developed based on proven methodologies to boost and solidify the increase in your productivity.

When you start using it it will seem like your day has more hours than other people’s. Over time, your current goals will be met and exchanged for big goals that today you don’t even dare to dream of.

Discover the template Optimized Routine:

Be honest: if someone told you that it was possible to do more activities, in less time, increasing your free time while increasing your motivation, would you believe them?

Well, it’s hard to believe that, but it’s possible with the simple combination of two factors: organization and reward.

O grande diferencial...

First, the obvious: the organization. You’d be surprised how much time we waste trying to remember what to do. At first there’s that vague feeling that you need to do something, but then you don’t remember and end up doing something else.

This process repeats itself several times and you waste time and fail to achieve your goals.

Now talking about what few people do: the reward.

One of the main best-sellers in the world, “The Power of Habit” addresses precisely the importance of getting your brain used to always doing something even if simple after a important activity.

With this in mind, it is essential that you see, add and mark an “accomplishment” of everything you consider important and have done in your day.

This is how you will force yourself to do absolutely everything you have in mind in a scientific way and using the Optimized Routine template, the best Planner Automated than you’ve ever seen.

E para não ficar só na teoria, fomos atrás dos resultados das pessoas que estão usando o Planner Rotina Otimizada e olha o que descobrimos:


A Mariana Conseguiu aumentar em 25% o número de vezes que vai na academia.


O Túlio disse que começou a tirar melhores notas por ser “forçado a estudar” (Ele ainda não mandou foto das notas… estamos de olho, Túlio!)


O Vitor conseguiu ver com mais clareza os seus objetivos pessoais e profissionais de curto e médio prazo utilizando a sessão de Metas do Template.


Já a Carolina falou que conseguiu aumentar o tempo livre ao saber exatamente o que fazer quando acorda e já começar a executar (esse relato é bem frequente).

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Common questions


Immediately after purchase you will receive access and can start planning all your activities, goals, habits and much more.

Yes, regardless of your area of activity, Planner will help you to be at least more productive.

Of course, everything was done thinking about those who know absolutely nothing about Notion (where Planner is). If you have any questions, we also have full support via Whatsapp and a complete tutorial for you to learn how to use the template in a simple and efficient way.

As soon as you make the purchase, you will receive the access link in your email. Just create your password and enter the platform.

Clear! Anywhere: computer, tablet or cell phone!

A partir do momento que você duplicar seu template ele será seu e você poderá utilizá-lo sem nenhum tipo de custo adicional.

Yes, it is 100% safe. Hotmart is one of the largest course hosting companies in World.

7 days guarantee

We want to guarantee your satisfaction as much as possible, so we give you 7 days to decide whether it’s worth it for you or not.If you decide not, just contact us within 7 days, and < strong>we will refund 100% of your money.

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